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Woodlets 10kg bags


Due to the increase in demand for Woodlets pellets, the prices we are able to buy them for has risen significantly and is now changing on a weekly basis.  This is as a result of current world events reducing the amount of European pellets making it into the UK.WOODLETS 10KG BAGS for Sale 

In this difficult period, we will be concentrating on providing pellets to our existing customers. We may not be able to fulfil orders for new customers at this time.

For existing customers not in EH postcodes, please contact the office to place an order directly.WOODLETS 10KG BAGS for Sale 

Pentland Biomass stock Woodlets Pellets which are produced in the UK and hold the ENplusA1 Standard. This means that they are made to the highest standard and burn evenly with minimal ash.

Our wood pellets are registered on the Biomass Supply List (BSL), so are ideal for RHI registered boilers.

  • ENplus®A1 grade wood pellets
  • BSL authorised supplier
  • FSC® Certified Wood from Well-Managed Woodland
  • Low ash content <0.7%
  • Low dust content <1%
  • Low moisture content <10%
  • High ash melting temperature >1200°C
  • Made from virgin wood

Woodlets are some of the lowest carbon wood pellets available on the market. They are produced by LandEnergy who are one of the only suppliers in the UK to have installed a Combined Heat and Power system at their plant in Girvan. This uses locally sourced, low grade biomass for generating 100% of the electrical and heat energy required in the wood pellet production cycle. Carbon emissions are therefore kept to a minimum.

Woodlets are suitable for use in all wood pellet boilers, multi fuel stoves and also pizza ovens.  They are supplied in convenient 10 kg sealed waterproof bags.

Pallet size and Weight

100cm x 120cm x 160cm, 960kg per pallet


Once you place an order, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date that suits you. Delivery is normally carried out within 7 days.

We offer free delivery for all orders placed in EH postcodes in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Borders.   For full delivery details, please visit our delivery information page.

We also offer click and collect from our Loanhead site on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm. For more information, please visit our click & collect page.

If you are not based in an EH postcode, please contact us to arrange delivery

for RHI registered boilers.


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