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A1 wood pellets
diameter: 6 mm – 8 mm
Low dust content <1% High ash melting temperature> 1200 ° C
Made from the best virgin woods

OAK WOOD PELLETS, All European heaters come with technical data sheets detailing the biofuel parameters for the highest possible efficiency and operation. There are often cases where the cause of the failure of pellet boilers was the poor quality pellet fuel supplier. That is why consumers pay particular attention to the quality of the wood pellets.

The company uses environmentally friendly raw materials for pellet production, which are supplied under contracts with the State Forestry of Ukraine. This gives us the opportunity not only to guarantee the stability of the quality indicators, but also to guarantee the stability of the quantities of products supplied. This type of cooperation determines the unconditional fulfillment of our obligations towards counterparties.

Each released batch of our wood pellets corresponds to specially developed and approved technical conditions that make our pellets competitive on both the domestic and foreign markets. The ash content of our pellets is within 1%, so they can be used for heating private houses.

Diameter 6 mm;
Ash content up to 1%;
Humidity up to 9%;
Bulk density 630 kg / m3;
Abrasion – up to 3%;
Heating content: 4600 kcal / kg.
Production techniques:

The raw material enters the crusher, which is reduced to the state of flour. From there, the resulting mass is fed into the dryer – in a pellet press, in which a compressed wood flour is pelletized. The compression during pressing increases the temperature of the material, lignin contained in wood particles softens and sticks together in a tight cylinder. Around 2.3 to 2.6 cubic meters of scrap wood are required to produce one ton of pellets, and 0.6 cubic meters of sawdust are burned per ton of production.

The final pellets are chilled, packed in various types of packaging – from small 15 kg packs to big bags (large industrial packaging) weighing 1.1 tons – or delivered to the consumer in bulk.
A pellet stove is a stove that burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial spaces. The steady supply of fuel from a reservoir (funnel) into a brazier area creates a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments.

The efficiency of a pellet stove can be up to 90% or more. … This is more than a classic wood stove with an efficiency of only 40 to 50% (60 to 80% for newer high-performance stoves) and much more than an open fire with an efficiency of 5 to 15%.


1 Ton = 65Bags x 15kg (975kg), 2 Ton 130Bags = (975kg x 2), 3 Ton 200Bags = (3000kg), 4 Ton 265Bags = (3975kg)

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