Mix Oak Charm Beech for sale


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Mix Oak Charm Beech

Mix Oak

Charm Beech And Ash Wood Box 50Cm 3 Steres 3 M3

package of pallets, rounds of 30 cm of 2000 dm3 or 2.24 Steer. Mixture

ardwoods (ash, beech, oak, charm), technically dry, 20% humidity. Clean wood, well split and partially skinned, NF certified, 100% French. If you are looking for clean wood and well -brought to work, it’s the wood you need. The logs are well spaced in small sections of 30 cm, ideal for small heating devices such as stoves and inserts. It is a highly functional wood which generates little fine powder. The logs are freely stored on this palette so that they are always ready to use. This wood is partially scored and less dusty, which makes it less restrictive than other woods. (Brush with a drum peeler)Mix Oak Charm Beech for sale

Easy to use and provides uniform heat without obstructing your device. Hard wood, ultra-sec, ready to use, NF, 100% French. (Group H1 G1)

Reference Buche_30_Ballot2000
technical sheet

Composition: 100% hardwood: oak – charm – beech – ash
Certificate: NF
Calorific power: 3.9 kWh/kg or more
Humidity: less than 20 %
Ash content: less than 1.5 %
Wood type: oak – charm – beech – ash
Volume M3: 2 m3
Stereo volume: 2.24 stereo
Palette dimensions: 100 x 120 x 185 cm
Drying method: in the oven
Tree type: hardwood
Length: 30cm
Diameter: 5cm-15cm
Packaging: palette


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