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Complete Selection Pallet

Complete Selection Pallet

This product arrives on a pallet. You need to be home to receive your delivery and delivery will take 3-5 days for most areas.

For faster delivery, try our Complete Selection Express Bundle, which is a Next Day parcel service. Complete Selection Pallet

We will alter this mix depending on which products are available at the time of your order, but the below is a rough guide of what you may receive.

Waxlings x 1 bag of 40

Dr Heat Firelighters x 1 box of 30

Kindling x 1 @ 6kg

Hotmax x 1 @ 20kg

UK Hard x 4 @ 5kg = 20kg

UK RUF x 2 @ 9.5kg = 19kg

Dragon’s Teeth x 2 @ 10.5kg = 21kg

Woodlets Briquettes x 2 @10kg = 20kg

Hotties x 2 @ 9kg = 18kg

Beech Nestro x 2 @ 10kg = 20kg

Coffee Logs  x 2 @ 8kg = 16kg

Log Box x 1 @ 14kg = 14kg

Total weight: approx 175kg

Hotties x 2 @ 9kg = 18kg

Beech Nestro x 2 @ 10kg = 20kg

Coffee Logs  x 2 @ 8kg = 16kg

Log Box x 1 @ 14kg = 14kg

Total weight: approx 175kg

Burning characteristics:

Waxlings and Dr Heat are excellent non-toxic firelighters

Kindling Sticks are traditional, split sticks that light easily and burn quickly

Hotmax are perfect as a kindling replacement. They burn for twice the length of time for half the cost of kindling

UK Hard are also excellent for day-to-day burning. Great heat with a good air flow, and very versatile.

UK RUF & Dragon’s Teeth can act as a ‘heat sink’ in the back of the fire where they will last several hours

Hotties produce an excellent flame and lots of heat in smaller stoves. Good long ‘glow time’

Beech Nestro are our best quality densely made large briquettes (2.5kg each) from Germany

Cofffee Logs generate great heat and flame

Kiln Dried Logs are traditional split kiln dried hardwood logs


Perfect for:

This wide and varied mix contains samples of the best modern high performance briquettes we supply.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.

As the nation’s largest brick-and-mortar pallet recycler with a network of 68 locations coast to coast, 48forty is ready to supply you with recycled pallets at any and every one of your facilities.

Our facilities and fleet are company owned and operated, not just a network of regional companies working together. This means consistent quality and pricing and a higher level of service and accountability to our customers.

  • Just-in-time delivery means less of your space is used to hold pallets.
  • Nationwide supply eliminates the hassles of managing multiple vendors, for consistent pricing, quality, and reporting.
  • Private fleet means no third-party transportation fees and reliable deliveries and retrievals.


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