Cherry Firewood for sale


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Cherry Firewood for Sale.

Cherry Firewood for sale

A sweet start to the perfect long evening

  • Cherry ( Prunus avium )
  • Sustainably harvested in New Hampshire.
  • Characteristics: Purple flame, crackling sounds, distinctly sweet aroma.
  • Pairs well with: Exposed beams, cold nights, long conversations, and third pours. Cherry Firewood for sale
  • Benefits of Cherry FirewoodOne of the main reasons individuals choose cherry wood for their fires is the pleasing aroma, which is sweeter than other hardwoods without being cloying. You can burn cherry in a fireplace or wood stove in your home to add a bit of seasonal fragrance to your entire house.Individuals also use cherry wood for cooking fires because the smoke imbues meats and vegetables with a unique flavor. You might purchase cherry wood for use in a smoker and pair the wood with slow-cooked ribs, for example. Cherry Firewood For SaleCherry is a slow burning wood that makes a good choice when you want long-lasting ambiance out of your fires. Use cherry indoors to bring crackling flames to the entire evening or outdoors to keep the fire roaring easily while everyone toasts marshmallows. Cherry Firewood For Sale

    Cherry logs are fairly easy to split, which can make this wood a good choice for those who need to cut pieces smaller for use in various burners. Luckily, when you order firewood from Premier Firewood, you don’t have to worry about cutting it. Our 1/3 and 1/6 cords come precut, and we’ll even stack them for you on-site. All you have to do is place the wood in your fire pit or fireplace and start a blaze.Cherry Firewood For Sale

    Cherry’s Sparky Personality

    A more unique characteristic of cherry wood is that it sparks more than some of the other firewood. Along with it’s pleasing smell and blue flame, the crackle and spark of cherry can add a unique ambiance to your fireplace experience.

    Stock Up on Cherry Firewood

    Overall, cherry is a nice wood to have on hand to create warm fires and pleasant aromas. Order wood from Premier Firewood today and we’ll deliver it with or without a rack to meet your needs.

    Call the firewood experts at Premier Firewood at or fill out our online order form to schedule your delivery of cherry irewood in New York or Connecticut today.Cherry Firewood For Sale 


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