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A1 grade wood pellets
Diameter: 6mm-8mm
Low dust content <1% High ash melting temperature> 1200 ° C
Made from best virgin woods

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Beech wood pellets are a convenient, comparatively cheap and efficient way to heat a home or enterprise with domestic procured biomass fuels.


DIN Plus, ENplus A1 class beech wood pellets

NCV: 18,1 MJ/kg
Moisture: 5,4 %
Ash: 0,5 %
Diameter: 6mm-8mm
Length: 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm
Fines (< 3,15 mm): 0,2 %
Mechanical durability: 98,5 %
Density: 665 kg/m3
Raw material 80% Pine (Pinus Pinaster and Pinus Radiata), 20% other species mix (Betula alba, Populus L, etc.) with no bark, polluting or chemical substances

What wood pellet is best for pizza?

On a scale of smokiness, oak pellets healthy proper within side the middle. Oak is more potent than apple timber and lighter than hickory, and presents a mild, nutty taste to fish and veggies, in conjunction with pizza and baked goods.

How long do pizza oven pellets last?

How lengthy do wood pellets last in a pizza oven? Beech wood pellets and Oak pellet are a famous desire of wood fuel for cooking pizza in a pizza oven (specially outdoor pizza oven) due to the fact they increase flavors, provide the pizza a nice, crisp crust, and are more cost-efficient. They’re generally remaining round 7-12 hours of non-stop cooking time

How much are bags of wood pellets cost?

Wood Pellets 6 mm  are normally sold in 15kg bags and average $5 per bag. The quality of the pellets, the type of wood  and the quantity purchased also play a role in the price. Expect to pay anywhere from €4 to €7 for one 15kg bag.

What are the quality differences  of wood pellets?

Wood heating pellets are rated as both standard and premium quality. The distinction among those grades is the indexed ash content: Standard quality wood pellets: We regularly produce standard beech wood pellets using waste from the forestry industry.

What does DIN plus pellets mean?

This method that the required quality specifications along with size, calorific price and pollutant content material are often checked via way of means of impartial bodies.

The pellets can best endure the DIN plus mark in the event that they actually stand up to all the testing criteria. DIN plus wood pellets correspond to EU quality standard A1.

How do I know if pellets are of good or bad quality?

The quality can be visible on the pellet surface. clean and shiny as possible and with a minimum of cracks speaks for top quality wood pellet.

When are the pellets cheapest? pellets deutschland

Beech wood pellets are cheaper during spring and summer.

How many 15kg bags of  wood pellets come on a single epal pallet?

beech wood pelletscomes on a pallet or skid wrapped. Standard pallets or skids are 48in long, 40in wide, and 5.5in high. A standard 1 Ton pallet will arrive with 65 15 kg bags of wood pellet 6 mm – 8 mm or in big bags of 1 tons with each pallet weight (975 kg).

Storing Beech wood pellets?

For fantastic longevity, Beech wood pellets ought to be saved indoors. A dehumidifier can be required in humid areas.


1 Ton = 65Bags x 15kg (975kg), 2 Ton 130Bags = (975kg x 2), 3 Ton 200Bags = (3000kg), 4 Ton 265Bags = (3975kg)


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