Animal Bedding/Litter Pellets

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NCV: 18,1 MJ/kg
Moisture: 5,4 %
Ash: 0,5 %
Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm
Fines (< 3,15 mm): 0,2 %
Mechanical durability: 98,5 %
Density: 665 kg/m3

Animal Bedding/Litter Pellets  Highly   absorbant wood pellets for animal bedding and other uses. Hay Pellets are a very ‘green’ heating source. “Pellet stoves produce 90 percent less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels and are 10 times under the EPA emission limits,” May Miller said. “It takes 70 million years to grow a crop of gas or oil, 20 to 100 years or more to grow a tree, but only 70 days to grow a new crop of grass.” Animal Bedding/Litter Pellets

Hay pellets burn just as well as wood pellets. The efficiency is calculated by the amount burned minus the ash content. So grass based pellets usually have a 1%-2% higher ash content which is insignificant in the long run,

65 bags of 15kg on a Ton pallet which is delivered FREE.

In order to keep up with demand design on bag packaging may differ from that displaye

horse Pellets are pressed pellets specially developed for the horse box, which have many advantages for a pleasant stable climate and the ideal, clean and non-slip stand of your horse in the box. Produced from the best raw materials, German Horse Pellets are the ideal bedding for horse stalls.


  • 80% less manure
  • made of natural softwood
  • best moisture binding through larger surface
  • extremely absorbent
  • inhibits the formation of ammonia
  • compostable
  • easy box care
  • with a pleasant scent of wood
  • almost germ and dust free
  • without the addition of any additives
  • rapid rotting
  • heat treated
  • economically


NCV: 18,1 MJ/kg
Moisture: 5,4 %
Ash: 0,5 %
Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm
Fines (< 3,15 mm): 0,2 %
Mechanical durability: 98,5 %
Density: 665 kg/m3
Raw material 80% Pine (Pinus Pinaster and Pinus Radiata), 20% other species mix (Betula alba, Populus L, etc.) with no bark, polluting or chemical substances

horse Pellets is particularly suitable:

  • for the dry and non-slip stand of your horse
  • for reducing manure volume (up to 80% less manure volume)
  • for an excellent barn climate
  • for horses with respiratory diseases and allergies
  • to facilitate box maintenance

With the help of a shavings fork, you can significantly reduce the volume of manure compared to conventional bedding. To do this, shake the fork lightly during the daily mucking-up – this is how the good, dry material trickles through and remains in the box. They only remove the accumulated horse manure. Then smooth out the bedding and have a clean, hygienic horse box.


1 Ton = 65Bags x 15kg (975kg), 2 Ton 130Bags = (975kg x 2), 3 Ton 200Bags = (3000kg), 4 Ton 265Bags = (3975kg)

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